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Sugar Tit Moonshine can be found at your favorite liquor stores & local restaurants.  If we aren't in your store, ask for us! Find the one that is closest to you here or contact us if you'd like to be a distributor!


YOU CAN'T BE HERE.  Don't make us tell your momma!

We are logo proud!

​​​​​Shop the Sugar Tit Store! Shot glasses, whiskey glasses, trucker hats, shirts, ST license plates, bumper stickers.  Handmade leather, soaps, candles, antiques and more.  We ain't just 'shine!

Bob and Kat Jordan Owners

Bob is from Milleville, MA and Kat was born in NJ.  Moving to "Sugar Tit" after 20 years of Florida living, where they met and married.  Bob has RETIRED from GE as a designer and is now a full time distiller.  Kat is a retired restaurant GM.  Both love antiques and history, serving as officers on the Reidville Historical Society.  Both have been busy volunteers and continue to contribute to their community and local charities.  Both Bob and Kat believe in giving back and doing their part and giving back to the community. The have five children, three grandchildren.

  Sugar Tit Moonshine is now available online!  

Schneider's of Capitol Hill

300 Massachusetts Ave NE

Washington DC 20002 http://cellar.com


We are available in the Schneider's of Capital Hill in store or order it online.  Schneider's can ship to 37 States.(Check their website for your state).

**They currently carry our Simply Naked 100 proof, 80 proof Whiskey Boy, Apple Pie, & Pineapple.


EVERY DAY BUT SUNDAY   10am to 7pm                             

Bradley Noland

Bradley joins us part time and boy are we glad he did.  His help here at STM is vital to our daily workload.  We look forward to his continued help.

PA RESIDENTS CAN ORDER liquor THROUGH THE plcb website @ http://www.lcb.pa.gov

Meet our Sugar Tit Family

 Swine and Shine!

​Swine House BBQ will be at the Distillery! 

(Every other Saturday,  Call for details.)

Our Bootleg 120 has won an American Distillers Institue BRONZE & GOLD Medal for Best of Category.  American Distillers Institute with over 1,000 world wide entries.​  New Lower Price Bootleg 120.  Thank you!

We apologize for being sold out!

Black Trucker Only Sold Out!

Meet April Woodring our par-time  staff member. Originally from Pennsylvania, she's been in SC for the past 24 years.  April and her husband moved from Charleston SC to our area 3 years ago. They visited us for a STM tasting and tour on their 6 year wedding anniversary and 2 weeks later, we hired her!  April says  "I love it!!". 


We are proud to be a part of  South Carolina's Moonshine Distillery Tour. Take a journey through South Carolina's rich liquid history, and Satisfy your Thirst!

 Zeke Schuler Master Distiller

Our distiller, Ezekiel Shuler (everyone just calls him Zeke). Born and raised in Sugar Tit, SC. he graduated from Francis Marion University in 2015 and received a degree in Physics. While in college, he found a love and respect for beer and liquor.  (lol), He is an excellent distiller and seriously loves making moonshine.  (Its a science thing, as he has a degree in physics.)  His other loves are drumming, watching horror movies, and playing video games. He also enjoys trivia or just any random facts.  He is a wealth of information and a blessing to this family at STM . You can hear Zeke's Band, "Blue Bolt", performing around SC.


​​We ID - Must be 21 to drink in SC

Join us in the tasting room for some rustic southern charm.  All of our 'shine & our flavorings are made in house!  Ya'll come by and tour our small batch distillery.  
Whiskey & Doc our "Bootleggin' Golden Doodles" will greet you at the door! 
Browse our store for Sugar Tit Moonshine merchandise & local items made here in SC.  But before you hood slide back into your Charger,  don't forget to bring home your own jug,  or mason jar of Sugar Tit Moonshine home!

​​Mary Bottorff

Mary comes to us from Oregon.  Moving to SC to be near her daughter and grandchild Alisa Mae a few years ago.  Along with her sweet and thoughtful manner, she brings her business expertise and love of customer service.  Mary is a wonderful addition to our staff and is a Godsend to Sugar Tit Moonshine Distillery.  We are fortunate to have her running the front of our house!

330 Main St,

P.O. Box 452  Reidville, SC 29375

​  Monday through Saturday 10-7

Closed Sunday

Our Moonshine Flavors!

Available in 750ml and 50ml bottles

80 Proof​ Butterscotch, Apple Pie, Peach,​ Blueberry, Plum/Crazy​, Strawberry, Pineapple, Butterscotch, Whiskey Boy, & 100 Proof Simply Naked & award winning Bootleg 120.